Nashville Pussy - Eaten Alive (CD)


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Release Date: 12/24/21

The latest from Atlanta's Nashville Pussy!

Coming hot off of their critically acclaimed 7th studio album, “Pleased To Eat You,” Nashville Pussy returns with “Eaten Alive,” a ferocious hellride of a live album that is proof positive that the band is one of the best live acts ever. Recorded in the UK, this is Nashville Pussy’s “Live at Leeds” and one of most unrelenting concert albums since Motorhead’s “No Sleep Til Hammersmith”.

Being slated for its release to coincide with their October/November tour with The Toadies and Reverend Horton Heat, “Eaten Alive” will be unleashed to the world on Slinging Pig Records, the band’s very own record label.

“This is the album that our fans have drunkenly demanded for years”, says singer Blaine Cartwright.
“‘Make an album that sounds like you guys do live!’, I’ve heard that phrase slurred in my face in accents from all over the world” jokes Blaine.

“So here it is you drunken bastards!”

The mesmerizing leads of legendary guitarist Ruyter Suys leap off the grooves and grab the listener by the throat. Ruyter has been hailed with accolades since the bands inception including being named “one of the top female performers of all time” by That Metal Show. And that’s just one example.

Combine that with the irresistible thunderous rhythm section of bassist Bonnie Buitrago and hard hitting drummer Ben Thomas, and it makes for one of the most satisfying rock experiences ever recorded.

“Eaten Alive” not only serves as a perfect souvenir for hundreds of thousands of lucky rock n’ rollers that have seen Nashville Pussy in the 40 plus countries over past 25 years, it’s also an excellent starting point for all those unfortunately yet to have been exposed to the fiery baptism of hard rock that the band delivers on a nightly basis.

 Nashville Pussy is ravenously looking forward to their upcoming (twice postponed) tour of Europe. It all starts with Sweden Rock with Blue Öyster Cult, and ends at Barcelona Rocks with Judas Priest two months later. In between, the band will be eating fans alive all across Europe.

The band is unstoppable... This album is proof.

Label: Slinging Pig
Genre: Pop/Rock
Language: English
Run Time: 73:29 mins

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