Balance (aved, Janos / Fenyvesi, Marton / Benko, Akos) - Balance (CD)


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Release Date: 05/06/16

Debut album of the trio, led by János Ávéd, prominent representative of the younger generation of Hungarian saxophonists

The trio, founded in 2010 by János Ávéd, a prominent representative of the youngest generation of Hungarian saxophonists, is a tight collaboration of three musicians, depicting the present time with a line-up of saxophone-guitar-drums, balancing the deliberate absence of a bass instrument by free use of formal and musicals means. Their sometimes quite surprising use of different musical themes drawn from mainstream roots through classical and contemporary music up to even post-rock is sort of a trademark of their music. A memorable example of this was their successful concert at the Palace of Arts in 2013, sharing the stage with their guest, US sax player David Binney.
Comprised of the trio's two concerts at BMC's Opus Jazz Club, Balance is the debut album of the group.

Label: BMC Records
Genre: Jazz
Run Time: 53 mins

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