Clifford Gibson - Complete Recorded Works 1929-1931 (CD)

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Cllifford Gibson's oeuvre had been committed to wax by 1929, his 1st year of recording.

Cllifford Gibson's oeuvre had been committed to wax by 1929, his first year of recording, with eight sides for QRS around June and another twelve sides for Victor in November and December of that year. Called back in 1931 to his hometown of Louisville mainly as an accompanist to Roosevelt Sykes and R. T. Hanen and, surprisingly, on one take as an accompanist to the white hillbilly Singer Jimmie Rodgers and that was it - almost. St. Louis's country blues men and women all appeared on record about the same time - Henry Spaulding, Mary Johnson, Alice Moore, Lawrence Casey, Henry Brown, Sylvester Palmer and Roosevelt Sykes all made their debut in 1929 while Walter Davis, Peetie Wheatstraw and Charley Jordan were only just behind them as recruits to the city's burgeoning blues activity. Arkansas and Mississippi supplied most of St. Louis's blues performers and Clifford Gibson from Kentucky was an oddity. An extremely accomplished guitarist Gibson showed the influence of Lonnie Johnson ('Bad Luck Dice', and 'Levee Camp Moan' for example) in much of his guitar work but brought his own talent for original lyrics. His songs show the usual preoccupation with mistreatment by women and his only other major theme was gambling to which he constantly refers in song ('Bad Luck Dice' of course, 'Hard Headed Blues' and 'Levee Camp Moan'). There is little to gauge Gibson's popularity at the time but his memory is assured by his meticulous guitar picking and original lyrics while his musical eminence on St. Louis' blues scene was never in doubt.


Cast & Crew


Track Listing

    • Beat You Doing It
    • Whiskey Moan Blues
    • Tired Of Being Mistreated - Part 1
    • Tired Of Being Mistreated - Part 2
    • Stop Your Rambling
    • Sunshine Moan
    • Ice And Snow Blues
    • Don't Put That Thing On Me
    • Drayman Blues
    • Old Time Rider
    • Bad Luck Dice
    • Levee Camp Moan
    • Hard Headed Blues
    • Blues Without A Dime
    • Keep Your Windows Pinned
    • Jive Me Blues
    • Brooklyn Blues (45th Street Blues)
    • Society Blues
    • She Rolls It Slow
    • Railroad Man Blues
    • She's Got Jordan River In Her Hips
    • Happy Days Blues
    • Let Me Be Your Sidetrack (take 2)

    Additional Details

    Label: Document Records

    Genre: Blues

    Language: English

    Run Time: 65 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 06/03/22

    UPC: 714298601527

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