Never Let The Same Bee Sting You Twice: Blues, Ballads, Rags And Gospel (CD)

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The 'Never Let The Same Bee Sting You Twice' set of three CDs features a historical showcase of this rich and diverse genre of music.

The blues as a musical form emerged around 1900. When recordings of blues music began in 1920 it was a more sophisticated form of, later termed the 'Classic Blues', a mixture of jazz and blues that was first offered to the record buying public. It would not be for another seven years that the popularity of the older form of the blues known as the 'Country Blues' would reach popularity with the recordings of Blind Lemon Jefferson.
Reaching further back, into the 19th century, was the older tradition of the 'songster'. The term 'songsters' was originally taken from a 'songster', which was a song book, but the term was adapted by Afro-Americans to mean a singer (often self-accompanied by guitar, vocals and harmonica). Songsters were all-rounder musicians, whose broad repertoire would take in a diverse selection of styles including blues, ballads, ragtime and religious pieces. These were often itinerant musicians who would typically perform in travelling circus's, minstrel and medicine shows etc.
The 'Never Let The Same Bee Sting You Twice' set of three CDs features a historical showcase of this rich and diverse genre of music. The set comprises of material taken from DOCD-5003 and DOCD-5045 merged with 28 'new' tracks previously unavailable on Document. The fourteen musicians featured on this set include Eli Framer, Cedar Creek Sheik, Robert Hill, Virgil Childers, Mississippi John Hurt, Big Boy Cleveland and Hambone Willie Newbern who was the first artist to record Roll and Tumble Blues (subsequently recorded by Muddy Waters and later covered by 1960s British super group The Cream).


Cast & Crew


Track Listing

Disc 1:
  • Richard 'Rabbit' Brown - James Alley Blues
  • Richard 'Rabbit' Brown - Never Let The Same Bee Sting You Twice
  • Richard 'Rabbit' Brown - I'm Not Jealous
  • Richard 'Rabbit' Brown - Mystery Of The Dunbar's Child
  • Richard 'Rabbit' Brown - Sinking Of The Titanic
  • Papa Harvey Hull; 'Long Cleve' Reed - Gang Of Brown Skin Women
  • Papa Harvey Hull; 'Long Cleve' Reed - Hey Lawdy Mama (France Blues)
  • Papa Harvey Hull; 'Long Cleve' Reed - Two Little Tommies
  • Papa Harvey Hull; 'Long Cleve' Reed - Don't You Leave Me Here (Alabama Bound)
  • Big Boy Cleveland - Quill Blues
  • Big Boy Cleveland - Goin' To Leave You Blues
  • Long 'Cleve' Reed; Little Harvey Hull; The Down Home Boys - Mama You Don’t Know How
  • Long 'Cleve' Reed; Little Harvey Hull; The Down Home Boys - Original Stack O' Lee Blues
  • William And Versey Smith - I Believe I'll Go Back Home
  • William And Versey Smith - When That Great Ship Went Down
  • William And Versey Smith - Everybody Help The Boys Come Home
  • William And Versey Smith - Sinner, You'll Need King Jesus
  • Luke Jordan - Church Bell Blues (take 1)
  • Luke Jordan - Church Bell Blues (take 2)
  • Luke Jordan - Pick Poor Robin Clean (take 1)
  • Luke Jordan - Pick Poor Robin Clean (take 2)
  • Luke Jordan - Cocaine Blues
  • Luke Jordan - Traveling Coon
  • Luke Jordan - My Gal's Done Quit Me
  • Luke Jordan - Won't You Be Kind
Disc 2:
  • Luke Jordan - If I Call You Mama
  • Luke Jordan - Tom Brown Sits In His Prison Cell
  • Mississippi John Hurt - Frankie
  • Mississippi John Hurt - Nobody's Dirty Business
  • Mississippi John Hurt - Ain't No Tellin'
  • Mississippi John Hurt - Louis Collins
  • Mississippi John Hurt - Avalon Blues
  • Mississippi John Hurt - Big Leg Blues
  • Mississippi John Hurt - Stack O' Lee Blues
  • Mississippi John Hurt - Candy Man Blues
  • Mississippi John Hurt - Got The Blues Can't Be Satisfied
  • Mississippi John Hurt - Blessed Be The Name
  • Mississippi John Hurt - Praying On The Old Camp Ground
  • Mississippi John Hurt - Blue Harvest Blues
  • Mississippi John Hurt - Spike Driver Blues
  • Hambone Willie Newbern - She Could Toodle-Oo
  • Hambone Willie Newbern - Nobody Knows (What The Good Deacon Does)
  • Hambone Willie Newbern - Shelby County Workhouse Blues
  • Hambone Willie Newbern - Way Down In Arkansas
  • Hambone Willie Newbern - Hambone Willie's Dreamy Eyed Woman's Blues
  • Hambone Willie Newbern - Roll And Tumble Blues
  • Eli Framer - Framer's Blues
  • Eli Framer - God Didn't Make Me No Monkey Man
  • Louie Laskey - How You Want Your Rollin' Done
  • Louie Laskey - Teasin' Brown Blues
  • Louie Laskey - Caroline
Disc 3:
  • Cedar Creek Sheik - Ford V-8
  • Cedar Creek Sheik - Watch The Fords Go By
  • Cedar Creek Sheik - Mary Had A Little Lamb
  • Cedar Creek Sheik - She's Totin' Something Good
  • Cedar Creek Sheik - What A Pity
  • Cedar Creek Sheik - I Believe Somebody's Ridin' My Mule
  • Cedar Creek Sheik - Don't Use That Stuff
  • Cedar Creek Sheik - Buy It From The Poultry Man
  • Cedar Creek Sheik - Don't Credit My Stuff
  • Cedar Creek Sheik - Jimmy Shut His Store Doors
  • Robert Hill - I Had A Gal For The Last Fifteen Years
  • Robert Hill - Tell Me What's Wrong With You
  • Robert Hill - You Gonna Look Like A Monkey When You Get Old
  • Robert Hill - G Blues
  • Robert Hill - Just Smilin'
  • Robert Hill - Pal, How I Miss You Tonight
  • Robert Hill - Lumber-Yard Blues
  • Robert Hill - I'm Going To Write And Tell My Mother
  • Robert Hill - It Is So Good
  • Robert Hill - Hill's Hot Sauce
  • Virgil Childers - Dago Blues
  • Virgil Childers - Red River Blues
  • Virgil Childers - Who's That Knockin' At My Door
  • Virgil Childers - Somebody Stole My Jane
  • Virgil Childers - Travelin' Man
  • Virgil Childers - Preacher And The Bear

Additional Details

Label: Document Records

Genre: Blues

Language: English

Run Time: 212 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 06/03/22

UPC: 714298567823

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