Oliver/Dawson Saxon - Rock Has Landed-It's Alive (DVD)

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Group Members include Graham Oliver, Steve Dawson, Nigel Durham, Haydn Conway and John Ward.

Saxon-those bastions of great traditional heavy metal (a term Saxon surely helped define), and part founders of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, are now two legends. When founder members guitarist Graham Oliver and bassist Steve Dawson split from the band they formed Oliver Dawson Saxon, now a full touring and recording band in their own right, already with a live album under their belt and a studio album on the way. The Saxon story has had many ups and downs, so you really need to look at the beginning which is told in detail by Joe Geesin in the section of Band History. So to the present day, and a DVD that shows Oliver/Dawson Saxon in full live flight in a BRadford UK club called Pennington's. Recorded in December 2001, the mixture of new and old should please fans throughout the world.

Track Listing

    • Power And The Glory
    • Rock And Roll Gypsies
    • Strong Arm Of The Law
    • Past The Point
    • Dallas 1pm
    • 747 (Strangers In The Night)
    • The Eagle Has Landed
    • Bitch Of A Place To Be
    • One More For The Road
    • Motorcycle Man
    • Wheels Of Steel
    • Devil Rides Out
    • Strong Arm Of The Law

    Additional Details

    Label: Angel Air

    Genre: Pop/Rock

    Run Time: 75 mins

    Release Date: 01/20/09

    UPC: 5055011707030

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