121 Years Of The Ford Car (CD)

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In words and music, we explore Ford cars influence and appearance in music. .The 30 song album is a rockin' tribute in music to Henry Ford's designs.

The Atomicat Records Anniversary series shines its headlights onto Henry Ford's company and celebrates 121 Years Of The Ford Car (ACCD147). 'Well gather around friends while I tell you a story about a Model-A Ford.' In words and music, we explore Ford cars' influence and appearance in music.
This album is dedicated to Henry Ford's dream and the brand which became synonymous with the 'Fabulous Fifties.' The Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford on the 16th of June 1903, and in that year the company produced the first Model-A car. Atomicat Records celebrates 121 years of the Ford car with thirty songs, one of which is from 1948, and the remainder are sourced from the years 1952 through to 1962. The featured songs were inspired by the automobile whether in title, verse, or simply the artists took the group name from a Ford model. The album's music is sourced from several genres; jumping Rhythm & Blues, beatie Rock 'n' Roll, rustic Hillbilly, and sweet Doo-Wop.
Atomicat Record's tribute allows you to hear how the Ford identity musically entered into different music cultures and influenced songwriters. 'I got a hot rod Ford and a new exhaust, four valve carburettor, and I can't get lost' sings Curtis Gordon during Draggin', 'I got a Pink Thunderbird with a red fur seat, well, a-baby it's mine', announces Gene Vincent and The Blue Caps. Eddie Cochran wants some cool threads and during Pink Peg Slacks sings 'She got a sawbuck from her daddy and I turned my Ford around', and his love of Fords continues in Somethin' Else 'My car's out front and it's all mine, just a '41 Ford, not a '59'. Jackie Gotroe sings the story of Lobo Jones 'He drove a low slung Ford with the top chopped, every cop from here to Texas knew that he was around.'


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Label: Atomicat

Genre: Pop/Rock

Run Time: 68:09 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 05/03/24

UPC: 4262402122049

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