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Frankenhooker (Blu-ray)
Basket Case 3: The Progeny (Blu-ray)
Basket Case 2 (Blu-ray)
Intruder (Director's Cut) (Blu-Ray/DVD)
Phenomena (2-Disc Blu-Ray) (Blu-ray)
Sorceress (Blu-ray)
Popcorn: Special Edition (Blu-ray)
Running Time (Blu-ray)
Maniac Cop: Special Edition (Blu-ray)
Curtains (Blu-ray)
Prom Night (Blu-ray)
Dorm That Dripped Blood, The (Blu-Ray/DVD)
Tenebrae (Blu-ray)
Demons 2 (Blu-ray)
Thou Shalt Not Kill...Except (Blu-Ray/DVD)
Watch Me When I Kill (Blu-Ray/CD) (Blu-ray)
Demons (Blu-ray)
Exterminator, The (Blu-Ray/DVD)
Manos: The Hands Of Fate (Blu-ray)
Countess Dracula (Blu-Ray/DVD)

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