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Twins of Evil (Blu-Ray/DVD)
Hot Dog...The Movie (Blu-ray)
Black Roses (DVD)
Long Weekend (Blu-ray)
Red Scorpion (Blu-ray)
Django the Bastard (Blu-ray)
Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare (DVD)
Vampire Circus (Blu-Ray/DVD)
Massacre At Central High (Blu-ray)
Creature From Black Lake (Blu-ray)
Fairy In A Cage (Blu-ray)
Love Hunter (Blu-ray)
Image, The (Blu-ray)
Hands Of The Ripper (Blu-Ray/DVD)
Deadly Spawn, The (DVD)
Coffin Joe Trilogy Collection, The (DVD)
Flower And Snake (Blu-ray)
The Kindred (Blu-ray)

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