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Malevolent Creation - Conquering South America (CD)
Malevolent Creation - Joe Black (CD)
Malevolent Creation - Live At The Whisky A Go Go (CD)
Malevolent Creation - Lost Commandments (DVD)
Noctiferia - Per Aspera (CD)
Ptahil - Born Against (CD)
Raven Soul - 100 Bleeding Hearts (CD)
Relentless - Tempest Of Torment (CD)
Rhino - Dead Throne Monarch (CD)
Stereochrist - Dead River Blues (CD)
Struggle Within - Angel's Face (CD)
Total Devastation - Roadmap Of Pain (CD)
Upon Infliction - Inhuman... In Human (CD)
Upon Infliction - To Escape Is To Suffer (CD)
Vein Collector - Prophet (CD)
Violet Halo - Flora Meets Fauna (CD)
Voices From The Arctic Circle (CD)

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