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Carnival Four (CD)
Carnival One (CD)
Carnival Three (CD)
Carnival Two (CD)
Duke - 21st Century Man (CD)
Eddy Grant - Hearts & Diamonds (CD)
Eddy Grant - Hit Collection (CD)
Eddy Grant - Killer On The Rampage (CD)
Eddy Grant - Reparation (CD)
Gabby - Til Now (CD)
Gillo - Ban Fai (CD)
Indra - Ringbang For Kids (CD)
Judy Bailey - Between You And Me (CD)
Mighty Sparrow - Volume Four (CD)
Mighty Sparrow - Volume One (CD)
Mighty Sparrow - Volume Three (CD)
Mighty Sparrow - Volume Two (CD)
Mighty Terror - Double Gold (CD)
Roaring Lion - Standing Proud (CD)
Saucy Calypso Volume One (CD)

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