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Dwarves - Are Young and Good Looking (LP)
Dwarves - Born Again (VINYL ALBUM)
Dwarves - Born Again Deluxe Edition (CD/DVD)
Dwarves - F*ck You Up And Get Live (DVD)
Dwarves - Free Cocaine (CD)
Dwarves - Invented Rock & Roll (CD)
Dwarves - Lick It 1983-86 (CD)
Dwarves - Must Die (VINYL ALBUM)
Dwarves - Must Die! (CD)
Dwarves - Penetration Moon (CD)
Dwarves - Penetration Moon (VINYL ALBUM)
Dwarves - Take Back The Night (CD)
Dwarves - Take Back The Night (VINYL ALBUM)
Earl Lee Grace - Blackgrass (VINYL ALBUM)
The Dwarves - Blood, Guts & Pussy (LP)
The Dwarves - Come Clean (LP)
The Dwarves - Radio Free Dwarves Redux (LP)
The Dwarves - Sugarfix (LP)

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