The Wife Of General Ling (DVD)

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A secret agent, after the murder of a loyal Chinese, is helped by the European wife of a merchant to expose him as a rebel warlord. This 1937 espionage drama was edited by Sir David Lean, who would later go on to direct some of the greatest films of all time including 'Doctor Zhivago,' 'Lawrence of Arabia,' 'The Bridge On The River Kwai,' 'Brief Encounter,' and 'Oliver Twist.' David Lean would go on to win 2 Oscars, another 25 wins and 23 nominations.


Cast & Crew

  •       Griffith Jones
  •       Valéry Inkijinoff
  •       Adrianne Renn
  •       Alan Napier
  •       Anthony Eustrel
  •       Jiro Soneya
  •       Hugh McDermott
  •       Gibson Gowland

Director: Ladislao Vajda

Producer: John Stafford

Additional Details

Label: Televista

Genre: Drama

Run Time: 69 mins

Release Date: 04/08/08

UPC: 029502000974

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