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Day Of The Cobra, The


Day Of The Cobra, The

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Release Date: 09/19/06

Franco Nero is "The Cobra" - a lethal, cunning ex-cop hired by a corrupt narcotics bureau official to track down a sinister heroin kingpin in the gritty backstreets of Genoa, Italy. During the savage chase through Genoa's narcotics underworld, The Cobra discovers that he has been an unwitting pawn in a deadly treasure hunt. A greedy drug-money game, ruthlessly played by his apparent lover, Sybil Danning, and murderously manipulated by his unscrupulous employer. But the double-dealing treasure hunt becomes The Cobra's vendetta hunt when he strikes his deceitful prey. For this is the day to settle all scores. This is THE DAY OF THE COBRA.

Genre: Action/Adventure
Run Time: 95 mins

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