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2 Young 2 Die (DVD)


2 Young 2 Die (DVD)

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Release Date: 10/16/12

They say when a teenager goes in the woods, there is always bloody murder -- especially if the woman is beautiful and sexy. Based on the true story of serial killer Freddy Palmer, this is more than an urban legend. As a child, Freddy witnessed his parents murdered by three robbers dressed in clown masks. This crime sent him in a frenzy of revenge that would include anyone he could get his bloody axe into. When six teenagers go on a weekend party trip of sex, beer and drugs, each one ends up with a bloody death. But when Laura is left for dead, she goes through hell in a way she never thought possible in a fight for survival, and to live to tell the tale...! Actors include Cassie Daniels, Chris Todd, Jennifer Peo, Freddy Morales, Jed Rowen

Label: DVD Deluxe
Genre: Horror
Run Time: 81 mins

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