32Crash - Y2112Y (CD)

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All new 20-track electro album from this project by members of FRONT 242 and IMPLANT.

- new album from this project of FRONT 242 lead-singer with Len Lemeire of IMPLANT and Jan d'Hooghe (IMPLANT & ex-VIVE LA FETE drummer) - 32CRASH played various Summer festivals this year including Mera Luna, Dark City festival, etc. - 32CRASH will tour Europe in Fall 2011 - booking via Pluswelt - numerous compilation appearances Advanced Electronics, Sounds From The Matrix, Fxxk The Mainstream, Extended Electronics, Electronic Body Matrix, etc. - appeals to elecro clash, new wave, electro punk, and other EBM fans

Track Listing

    • 100Y
    • Aliens On Earth
    • Dawning Sun
    • What Happened Here
    • The Man Who Came From Later
    • Into The Hole
    • Impressionist Piece For A Free Planet
    • Hyperreal
    • Kryptonically Yours
    • Elegy For Himself
    • Human Decomposition
    • Not Quite Human
    • Perpetuum Mobile
    • xn+1=a*xn*(1-xn)
    • Lasercutter
    • The Attack On ZA4
    • Neighbours
    • MelangOhlm's Hit And Run
    • A Tiny Foil Of Oil
    • The Ol-Lesar Mass

    Additional Details

    Label: Alfa Matrix

    Genre: Electronic/DJ/Scratch

    Run Time: 60 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 01/10/12

    UPC: 882951016824

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