A Kew's Tag - Silence Of The Sirens (CD)

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Finest in acoustic progressive rock from Germany, rich in melancholic and heavy parts with musical complexity.

Epic progressive rock, a band pushing the dynamic limits and all of this with an acoustic guitar. A kew's tag was formed in the beginning of 2011. Only three months later their first studio album 'Double-Check When You Leave' was
recorded. Primarily focused on touring to promote their debut album the band finally started a collaboration with the label Magic Mile Music from Hanover, Germany, in 2015. The acoustic guitar always dominates the sound of what Julian Helms (lead vocals), Johannes Weik (guitar, vocals), Alexander Mayer (bass) and Florian Weik (drums) are calling Acoustic Progressive Rock. In the tradition of progressive rock there are no 'songs' as such, more 8 pieces forming A kew's tag's second studio album - 'Silence of the Sirens'. Enclosed by the trilogy 'Heading for the Horizon's End to Start Again' is an hour of uncompromised rock whilst withholding its rhythmic complexity ('Statues Falling'); a piece which could almost be your classical radio song were it not for the instrumental breaks ('My Cage'); an epic musical battle between peace and delusion ('A Poisoned Mind'); and a piece that suddenly explodes out of nothing ('Wilted Flowers Smell'). The 15 minute piece of music 'Amentia' in the middle of the album announces the arrival of the album title 'Silence of the Sirens'. Progressive rock with acoustic guitar, accompanied and completed by melancholic, narrative lyrics. With the second studio album A kew's tag says goodbye once and for all to standard chart music, taking you on a deeper journey which can only be fully understood at the end.

Track Listing

    • Heading For The Horizon
    • Wilted Flowers Smell
    • A Poisoned Mind
    • My Cage
    • Amentia
    • Statues Falling
    • Horizon's End
    • End To Start Again

    Additional Details

    Label: Made In Germany Music

    Genre: Progressive Rock

    Language: English

    Run Time: 58:08 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 12/11/15

    UPC: 885513410238

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