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Abc Of Nails (DVD)


Abc Of Nails (DVD)

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Release Date: 09/13/05

'Beautiful hands and nails can make you feel feminine, look smart and convey professionalism. Choose the finish that creates the look you want with The ABC of Nails; professional results at your fingertips.' PHILIPPA SLEE, NAIL TECHNICIAN. BEAUTY: Create elegance with beautifully painted nails or the classic French manicure. Learn how to apply acrylic tips without expensive fortnightly trips to the salon. ART: With simple funky nail art techniques, you can be as individual as you like. Create eye catching looks of your own to show off to friends. CARE: Feel relaxed and pampered with soothing massage and basic manicure techniques. Prepare your nails for fantastic results!

Genre: Instructional
Run Time: 60 mins

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