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Acylum - The Enemy: Der Feind (CD)


Acylum - The Enemy: Der Feind (CD)

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Release Date: 01/26/10

Limited edition version of 3rd album 'Acylum.'

Chemnitz-based artist Pedro Engel strikes back with a powerful 3rd album. Distancing himself even more from the myriads of Hellektro clones, ACYLUM takes its very own dark elektro style with solid harsh beats, hammering drums, 'punch-in-your-face' provocative lyrics, massive orchestral arrangements and intense harsh vocals. This version comes as a limited deluxe carton box edition including the bonus 'remix album 'Der Feind' presenting some 15 reinterpretations of album songs by various artists in the likes of LEAETHER STRIP, SUPREME COURT, FGFC820, IMPLANT, PNE, CEPHALGY, ICE AGES, ASSEPTIC ROOM, and many more.

Genre: Electronic/DJ/Scratch
Run Time: 125 mins

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