Adam Fischer/Hungarian Radio Children Choir/Hungarian Radio Choir - Kodaly: Choral Works (CD)

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From 1925 choral music became the central genre of Kodály's oeuvre; he wrote many masterpieces in this field, whose international success was hindered only by the text in Hungarian. Kodály's children's choruses truly brought something hitherto unknown into twentieth-century music history, as it strove to renew the language of music.

Track Listing

    • St. Gregory's Day
    • King Ladislaus' Men - or Magyars and Germans
    • Whitsuntide
    • Ode to Franz Liszt (words by Mihály Vörösmarty)
    • The Te Deum of Sándor Sík
    • Jesus and the Traders (words by St. John 2,13)
    • The aged (words by Sándor Weöres)
    • Transylvanian lament
    • Mátra Pictures

    Additional Details

    Label: BMC Records

    Genre: Classical

    Run Time: 55 mins

    Release Date: 10/09/08

    UPC: 5998309301445

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