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Aerosmith - The Lowdown (CD)


Aerosmith - The Lowdown (CD)

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Release Date: 09/07/10

2 CD set featuring biography and interview material.

More than 40 years into what can only be described as a quite staggering career, Aerosmith remain one of the world's favourite live attractions. And as they head for the outdoor festival circuit again this year, the oft- quoted accolade 'America's Biggest Rock & Roll Band' still applies, as the boys from Boston continue to hold the record for selling more albums than any other US Rock act ever - over 150 Million and counting! Aerosmith - The Lowdown is a two CD set, which includes an audio-biography of the group, chronicling all their highs and lows, as it explores the full story of the band to date. The second disc contains over an hour of interviews with all the band members, recorded at various times throughout their career. Completed with slipcase, booklets featuring rare photos, poster, and much more besides, this limited edition set is bound to become a top drawer collector's item and a delight for every Aerosmith fan across the world.

Genre: Pop/Rock
Run Time: 100 mins

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