Afraid Of Stairs & Beach Vacation - 2014 Jigsaw/Dufflecoat Records Singles Club #4 (7 INCH)


$ 9.99


Release Date: 04/01/14

A pair of wonderful dreamy indiepop bands on a limited singles club 7' / RIYL: Beach Fossils, Radio Dept.

In collaboration with Dufflecoat Records in the UK, we're thrilled to present a six-month/six-volume 7' singles club, featuring 12 exclusive songs from a dozen fantastic indiepop groups from around the world and limited to only 300 copies worldwide! This is the fourth installment with new songs from Sweden's dreamy Afraid Of Stairs and an even dreamier band from coastal Washington, Beach Vacation.

Label: Jigsaw Records
Genre: Alternative/Punk
Run Time: 7:24 mins

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