Al Andaluz Project - Salam (CD)


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Release Date: 10/25/13

The three major medieval religions â€' Christianity, Judaism and Islam â€' can meet and play together in perfect harmony in the music of The Al Andaluz Project. With three outstanding voices and a rich variety of medieval instruments like saz, tar, quanun or hurdy-gurdy, the Al Andaluz Project are presenting them in what has by now become the band's distinctive acoustic “dress”. „Salam“ is the title of the third studioalbum of the Al Andaluz Project. The results of their research and interpretation of the music of the three religions of the 8 musicians where already released on the records „Deus et Diabolus“ (2008), „Al-Maraya“ (2010) and the live album „Abuab Al Andalus“ (2012). „Salam“ now present the thre religions in full brightness as well as the relations and connections to other styles that definitely were influneced by the them.

Label: Galileo Mc
Genre: Jazz
Run Time: 2.6236 mins

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