Alessandro Rossi Quartet - Emancipation (CD)

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Rossi and his men are comfortable with the fast, harmonically complex language of late-bop.

'I spent a lot of time thinking why Alessandro Rossi called his record Emancipation. It's a very intriguing word. It's different to 'liberty', it's different to 'freedom'. The latter concept has, obviously, an important role in contemporary music, even if there's little sensible discussion of what it actually means. Emancipation, though, isn't so much a thing or a property, as an act or a moment...

I'm a huge fan of Alessandro Rossi's work. I like the relaxed precision of his drumming. I like his writing, which is clear, but never obvious. And I like the way he constructs his group performances, unafraid to add electronic elements in quite bold ways into what are mainly acoustic constructs.
...Rossi and his men are comfortable with the fast, harmonically complex language of late-bop (which is not quite the same thing as post-bop). But elsewhere on this remarkable recording, there are moments which betray a wider understanding of modern music and its various enthusiasms and quibbles. There is freedom. There are passages that sound as if they might have been constructed round a tone-row. There is use of space, silence and technology. Above all, there is confidence'. (Brian Morton)

Track Listing

    • Run Away
    • The Crew
    • Island Dreamers
    • B1
    • Island Dreamers (reprise)
    • Unfaithful Dog
    • Punjab
    • Breaking Down
    • Lithium
    • Free Spirit

    Additional Details

    Label: CAM Jazz

    Genre: Jazz

    Run Time: 47:00 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 11/23/18

    UPC: 8052405142603

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