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...All The Way, Boys! (DVD)


...All The Way, Boys! (DVD)

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Release Date: 11/10/09

Those 'TRINITY BOYS' take to the air and still fly off the handle!

A lively adventure that follows the escapades of Plata (Terence Hill) and Salud (Bud Spencer), two guys who'll do anything for a buck - as long as it's dangerous! Plata and Salud's profession is flying rickety planes over the unpredictable Amazon River jungles. Their latest assignment is to ditch a plane in the jungle so the owner can collect insurance money. The plan gets complicated when the plane actually does crash, leaving our heroes stranded amidst a colony of greedy and dangerous emerald miners. Laughs and excitement abound with the Trinity boys at their best!

Label: WHAM! USA
Genre: Comedy
Run Time: 90 mins

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