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All You Need Is Love Vol 9: Good Times - Rhythm And Blues (DVD)


All You Need Is Love Vol 9: Good Times - Rhythm And Blues (DVD)

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Release Date: 09/22/09

Volume 9 of the Award Winning Documentary All You Need Is Love - Rhythm and Blues features Aretha Franklin and Steve Wonder.

In this episode we turn our attention to Rhythm and Blues. In the late forties, white record companies labelled commercial black music 'race music'. Eventually, Jerry Wexler, then working at Billboard magazine as a reporter, thought of the phrase, 'rhythm and blues' and it caught on. Before long, numerous other descriptions appeared - Motown, the Philadelphia Sound, Soul - but all had in common that the music expressed the rising aspirations of the ghetto. Meanwhile, a curious imitation of black gospel appeared called white gospel - and among those who loved the sound were two remarkable men; one a record producer, Sam Phillips, who wanted to create a sound which had the discipline of white gospel but with the abandon of black rhythm and blues; the other was Elvis Presley. This volume of the highly regarded series of films includes interviews and performances with the artists Ike and Tina Turner, Wilson Pickett and Stevie Wonder. Record producer Jerry Wexler is also interviewed.

Genre: Pop/Rock
Run Time: 60 mins

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