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American Adventure: Quartzsite Arizona (DVD)


American Adventure: Quartzsite Arizona (DVD)

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Release Date: 01/20/15

Freedom, Adventure and the Great Outdoors! Each year millions of people, many of them rock hounds and retired RV'ers, return for their annual get-together in Quartzsite, Arizona. Many people come to Quartzsite seeking the freedom and independence we are losing on a daily basis in our great country. For those who want to express their freedoms and build self-sustaining lives with like-minded Americans, will love this true American Adventure. Experience the excitement of the Quartzsite way of life where rock hounding, gold mining, potlucking, and living each day to its fullest with friends and fellow adventurers are standard operating procedures. 'The 90's Classic Now On DVD!' - Discover the RV lifestyle. - Meet the exciting people who come to Quartzsite every year. - Visit the world's largest Rock, Gem, and Mineral Show. - Share the beauty of the great Arizona desert. - Learn the secrets of Quartzsite and why it is one of the healthiest places to live in the US.

Genre: Documentary
Run Time: 90 mins

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