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Anarchism In America (DVD)


Anarchism In America (DVD)

$ 19.95

Release Date: 06/06/06

Two documentaries: 'Anarchism in America' featuring Kenneth Rexroth & Ursula LeGuinand, and 'Free Voice of Labor: The Jewish Anarchists'

This DVD contains two documentaries: 'Anarchism in America' and 'Free Voice of Labor: The Jewish Anarchists'. In 'Anarchism in America', the filmmakers take a road trip to map anarchism as a distinctly American tradition, interviewing a diverse cast of characters: from 'ordinary' truckers and farmers to famous anarchists like Kenneth Rexroth and Ursula LeGuin. The second, 'The Free Voice of Labor', traces the history of the Yiddish anarchist newspaper of that nameâ€'publishing it's final issue after 87 yearsâ€'as told by it's now eldery, but decidedly unbowed staff.


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Genre: Documentary
Run Time: 120 mins

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