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Anatomy Of A Bigfoot Hoax (DVD)


Anatomy Of A Bigfoot Hoax (DVD)

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Release Date: 06/19/12

The true story behind the hoax that gripped the world...

It was the 7th most searched news story on Google in 2008. The live press conference was viewed by millions and caused internet black-out conditions on every major news site. It would become known as 'Bigfoot Black Friday'. Now for the first time ever, see it as it all unfolds in never before seen footage of actual events. See for yourself what really happened in the hoax of the century. Get the complete story of the 'Georgia Bigfoot Hoax' from those who lived it. Witness the dissection of the 'Bigfoot Body' exactly as the Searching for Bigfoot Team did.

Genre: Documentary
Run Time: 62 mins

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