Andromeda - Definitive Collection (CD)

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Includes 12 page full colour informative CD booklet with many rare group photos.

One of the most bootlegged and legendary LP's to come out of the late 60's was the self titled album ANDROMEDA which is included in full on this 2CD set. On CD2 are tracks never before released including 5 tracks recorded for John Peel's Top Gear show during 1968 and 3 tracks recorded live at Round House and Covent Garden London during 1967. This 2CD set is the Definitive collection lovingly prepared by JOHN DU CANN who has put together over two and a half hours of music.

Track Listing

Disc 1:
  • Too Old
  • The Day Of The Change
  • Now The Sun Shines
  • Turns To Dust (3 parts)1.Discovery 2.Sanctuary 3.Determination
  • Return To Sanity (3 parts)1.Breakdown 2.Hope 3.Conclusion
  • The Reason
  • I Can Stop The Song
  • When To Stop (3 parts)1.The Traveller 2.Turning Point 3.Journey's End
  • Go Your Way
  • Keep Out 'Cos I'm Dying
  • The Garden Of Happiness
  • Return To Exodus
  • Journey's End (reprise)
  • Let's All Watch The Sky Fall Down
  • Darkness Of Her Room
  • See Into The Stars
  • The Day Of Change
  • The Reason
  • Return To Sanity
  • Keep Out 'Cos I'm Dying
  • Search On
  • Ode To The Sea
  • Lonely Streets
  • Sleep Like A child
  • I Was Left Behind
  • I Just Wanna Live My Life
  • The Lodger
  • Dreamland
  • Round House Blues (live)
  • Walking On (live)
  • I'm Searching (live)
  • Acidus (live)
  • All In You
  • Step This Way

Additional Details

Label: Angel Air

Genre: Psychedelic

Run Time: 152 mins

Release Date: 12/09/08

UPC: 5055011700536

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