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Ann Sweeten - Just This Side Of Spring (CD)


Ann Sweeten - Just This Side Of Spring (CD)

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Release Date: 02/09/10

Solo Piano w/orchestration including Violin, Viola, Flute, Acoustic Guitar, Synthesizers, Vocals. Nominated Best Instrumental Piano Album ZMR 2010 Music Awards, Top 5 ZMR Radio Charts, Co-produced with Will Ackerman

Track Listing

  • December Snow
  • Just This Side of Spring
  • Light from a Narrow Window
  • A Light Rain
  • A Moment in Time
  • Crossing Over
  • Nikki's Song
  • In Gardens Fast Asleep
  • Hearts Left Behind
  • The Melt Waters
  • True North

Press Quotes

'Ann Sweeten is one musician widely recognized for her classic style, setting a high standard in quality among many pianists. Her classic signature sound gives new meaning to the term music appreciation. Having authored a number of Piano Solo reviews in the New Age genre, I promptly identified an admirable level of richness and depth in tone I rarely hear in many piano solo albums. Stylish tonal qualities held in even the quietest patterns give complex sequences and a prolific feel of realism within every individual phrase.'

     —New Age Music World

'A contemporary pianist/composer, Ann will win the hearts of many with this unique new-age, neo-classical collection. She has the astounding ability to paint a vivid picture with her soft, lovely stylings. The album overall is unique and memorable.'


'Falling in love with such a unique sound, a sound that Ann Sweeten has created, makes you feel like a light-hearted bird everytime.'

     —John Shelton Ivany , National News Bureau


Label: Orange Band
Genre: New Age
Run Time: 52:49 mins

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