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Annie Oakley, Volume 16: 4-Episode Collection (DVD)


Annie Oakley, Volume 16: 4-Episode Collection (DVD)

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Release Date: 05/27/14

Four more rare action-filled television western classics.

In four action-packed episodes of the popular wild-west adventure series, thrilling sagas of legendary sharpshooter Annie Oakley (Gail Davis) unfold in the dusty town of Diablo. Chasing outlaws from the saddle of her trusty horse, Target, Annie keeps law and order with Deputy Sheriff Lofty Craig (Brad Johnson) at her side. Helping them is Annie's younger brother Tagg, always eager to solve the town's exciting mysteries of suspense. A fictional account of the life of the famous star of Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show, these episodes amazed audiences with Annie's fast and fancy shooting and breathtaking horse riding stunts.<P><b>Diablo Doctor:</b> A young physician has to be restrained from taking revenge when his father is gunned down by escaped convicts.<P><b>Grubstake Bank:</B> Annie becomes suspicious that the gold mine that provides collateral for a local bank may be a front for criminal activity.<P><B>Joker On Horseback:</B> A practical joker is duped into unwittingly committing a robbery for a notorious gang.<P><B>Outlaw Mesa:</B> Gunmen threaten a witness who is about to testify in a murder trial.

Genre: Television
Run Time: 105 mins

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