Antropofagus - No Waste Of Flesh (CD)

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Release Date: 00/00/00

Repressing of this 1999 brutal Death Metal classic. Antropofagus has recently reformed and are returning to the stage to destroy crowds with their insanely brutal live performance. No Waste Of Flesh is absolute sickened Death Metal madness and includes a killer cover version of Slayer's 'Necrophobic'.

1. Welcome to My Slaughterhouse
2. Loving You in Decay
3. Recollections of Human Habits
4. Thick Putrefaction Stink
5. 37 F
6. Necrophobic (Slayer cover)
7. Vent to Perversion
8. Bloody Art of Postmortem Sex
9. No Waste of Flesh
10. Bloodhunger
11. Bloodfeast…Feastblood

Genre: Metal

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