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Armagedon - Death Then Nothing (CD)


Armagedon - Death Then Nothing (CD)

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Release Date: 08/10/10

16 years after the extraordinary 'Invisible Circle,' the legend of death metal is back with vengeance.

The beginnings of Armagedon date back to late 1986 Uncompromising music combined with energetic shows were an enormous power for Armagedon. 'Dead Condemnation', 1991, was the first demo. The first official record, 'The Invisible Circle', recorded by Armagedon in the Modern Sound Studio, came out under the Carnage Records label in 1993. Over a decade later Armagedon brothers decided to revive the band, just as a long time ago, at the very beginning. Their new release, 'Death Then Nothing', was recorded in studio x in Olsztyn in August and October 2008. The band signed a contract with Mystic Production. This is a very special record, it comes after so many years of absence, and yet it is both mature and contains a simple message. The powerful, succulent and selective sound, bursting voice and an uncompromising attitude to composition combine to make a very interesting whole. This great comeback of the band is likely to be the most powerful death metal records!

Genre: Metal
Run Time: 45:00 mins

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