Artillery - When Death Comes (CD)

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Brand new album by the thrash legend Artillery!

Artillery - one of the best thrash metal bands around returns with a brand new studio album! New material entitled 'When Death Comes' will be their first studio release since the 1999's album 'B.A.C.K'!! Denmark's Artillery is one of Europe's earliest exponents of thrash metal and the band's contribution to the bourgeoning genre is difficult to ignore. Their debut album 'Fear of Tomorrow' and the follow-up 'Terror Squad' have gained a legendary status, becoming some of the most thrilling thrash releases of the late 80's. 'When Death Comes' - their brand new studio album contains 10 blistering tracks that fill the void between past glory and future splendor.

Track Listing

    • When Death Comes
    • Upon My Cross I Crawl
    • 10.000 Devils
    • Rise Above It All
    • Sandbox Philosopsy
    • Delusions Of Grandeure
    • Not A Nightmare
    • Damned Religion
    • Uniform
    • The End

    Additional Details

    Label: Metal Mind

    Genre: Metal

    Run Time: 54 mins

    Release Date: 08/11/09

    UPC: 5907785034860

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