Arundhati Roy - Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy And Come September (DVD)

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Penetrating analysis of US interests in global markets, energy and otherwise.

Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy captures history in the making like no other document of the 9/11-era. Roy's penetrating analysis of US interests in global markets--energy and otherwise--show an impressive grasp of the struggles to come in the following years. Considered audacious by some at the time, this DVD tears at the heartstrings of a nation since torn apart by over 4,000 dead American troops, shamed by its torture tactics, and reeling from a deepening economic crisis. Watch Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy and cherish those brave voices who called for peace, equity, and stability at a time that our world was unraveling around us. Arundhati Roy breaks it all down in two remarkable lectures and two lively discussions with Howard Zinn, combined in this 3-hour DVD. Also includes her renowned speech delivered in New York City's Riverside Church, entitled 'Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy.' Addressing a sold-out crowd, Roy gives a fiery critique of the 'New American Empire' and emphatically challenges Americans to reclaim democracy and resist the US war machine. The second program is the acclaimed Lannan Foundation lecture entitled 'Come September.' Roy delivered this lecture one year after September 11, 2001. Speaking poetically about the US government's 'War On Terror,' globalization, and the misuses of nationalism, Roy also contextualizes the build-up toward the 2003 invasion of Iraq within the history of US interventions in Chile, the Middle East, and Afghanistan. Special features include an exclusive Q & A session at UCLA with Howard Zinn, plus 'Day Of The Jackals' reading by Roy.


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Label: Ak Press

Genre: Documentary

Run Time: 210 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 10/28/08

UPC: 760137479796

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