Ashes You Leave - Songs of the Lost (CD)

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Originally released from Sleaszy Rider in 2009 and almost directly sold out, re-released with bonus video on their Placebo's cover 'Every You Every Me'. The best Croatian metal band ever, deliver us their best album, a death/doom/gothic masterpiece, with brutal male and melodic female vocals, keys and violins. Just perfect!

Track Listing

    • Apathy Overdose
    • The Feast
    • Stranded
    • Song Of The Lost
    • Every You Every Me
    • Taints
    • Losing Faith
    • Where The Pain Is
    • Soul Of Ice

    Additional Details

    Label: Sleaszy Rider

    Genre: Metal

    Release Date: 08/11/14

    UPC: 4260072379459

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