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Assemblage 23 - Storm (CD)


Assemblage 23 - Storm (CD)

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Release Date: 09/28/04

Following quickly after the release of the new Assemblage 23 single, 'Let the Wind Erase Me,' comes the brand new full length, 'Storm.' Dubbed the most complex Assemblage 23 release to date, 'Storm's' upbeat and danceable vibe is sure to please all A23 fans and new comers alike. Exploring new sound compositions and elements, 'Storm' remains true to the dance music that the name Assemblage 23 is synonymous with. Assemblage 23's three previous albums have quickly made them most successful American EBM act ever, and 'Storm' will once again propel them above the rest. On Metropolis Records.

Label: Metropolis Records
Genre: Industrial

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