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Astharoth - Gloomy Experiments (Remastered) (CD)


Astharoth - Gloomy Experiments (Remastered) (CD)

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Release Date: 10/06/09

Re-release of the band's debut album from 1989. New digipak edition includes 8 bonus tracks!

Re-release of the band's debut album from 1989. 'Gloomy Experiments' includes a guest appearance by Litza from the band Turbo. His back up vocals can be heard on 'Speed Of Light'. New digipak edition is limited to 2000 copies. Digitally remastered using 24-Bit process. Bonus material contains a collection of all American recordings between 1991-1994. The songs were written and recorded after the re-location of Astharoth's guitar team to San Francisco Bay Area. The long time fascination with Bay Area thrash resulted in a more approachable material, although dissonant sounds of Voivod were still strongly present. Initially, the material was released under the name 'Lost Forever World' on limited run CD-R in 2006. The songs show undying dedication to technical thrash, and unwillingness to compromise the style of music we performed.

Genre: Metal
Run Time: 60 mins

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