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Attitude For Destruction (DVD)


Attitude For Destruction (DVD)

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Release Date: 05/13/08

Sunset Strip-era metal, murder and mayhem with the Guns N' Roses-esque band Hollywood Roses.

In the tradition of ROCK AND ROLL NIGHTMARE, MONSTER DOGS and KISS MEETS THE PHANTOM comes the rock horror film, ATTITUDE FOR DESTRUCTION, an epic tale of Sunset Strip-era metal, murder and mayhem that critics are calling 'Freddy Krueger with a Stratocaster...a REAL appetite for destruction!' The GUNS N' ROSES-esque band HOLLYWOOD ROSES, fronted by vocalist DRAKE, is on the verge of superstardom, courting a major record deal with Diamond Star Records. One small problem - the label doesn't want Drake in the band. So, the remaining band members do what any fame-hungry performer would do - they kill Drake. But Drake's girlfriend has made a pact with the devil and brings her deceased lover back from the dead. Drake then goes on a slashing spree of blood and guts against all who have crossed him, leaving behind a horrific trail of gruesome gory revenge.

Genre: Horror
Run Time: 80 mins

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