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B.B. King - Ambassador Of The Blues (CD)


B.B. King - Ambassador Of The Blues (CD)

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Release Date: 05/06/14

Universally hailed as the reigning king of the Blues, a titanic figure in popular music in general and a legend in his own time, B.B. King is without doubt the most influential electric Blues guitar player of our time, having had a significant impact on the development of both modern Blues and Rock & Roll music. Yet B.B. King remains basically a modest and quite accessible superstar, whose self-effacing gracious demeanour is as much a trademark as are his unique guitar licks. Since he started recording in the 1940s, he has released over fifty albums, many of them classics. He's also always been an Ambassador for the Blues; his life marked by a sense of mission, coupled with a desire to give the Blues status and acceptability. This he has achieved, bringing the Blues into the mainstream of entertainment.

Label: Blues Bouleavard
Genre: Blues
Run Time: 40 mins

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