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B.B. King - Thrill of the Blues (CD)


B.B. King - Thrill of the Blues (CD)

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Release Date: 05/06/14

B.B. King is universally hailed as the reigning King of the Blues, and a monumental figure in popular music in general. A legend in his own time; B.B. King is without doubt the most influential electric Blues guitar player of our era, having had a formidable impact on the development of both modern Blues and Rock & Roll music. Most often performing selections from a multiple list of signature tunes such as 'Payin' The Cost To Be The Boss,' 'The Thrill Is Gone,' 'Everyday I Have The Blues,' and 'Why I Sing The Blues,' B.B. King continues to tour extensively, averaging over 250 concerts per year around the world. 'The Thrill Of The Blues' was recorded live on January 28, 1983, at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France.

Label: Blues Boulevard
Genre: Blues
Run Time: 40 mins

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