B Sharp Jazz Quartet - Searching For The One (CD)

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Searching for the One showcases the eclectic musical interests of the group's members. From the big city bustle of The Call to the exotic modalism of Double Standard and the abstract melodies of 12 Tone Blue and After, the album is fueled by a insistent experimentalism. Among the ten original compositions is the two-part piece Spirit of Jazz Today which features powerful spoken word performances by poet Kamau Daáood. Playboy magazine calls Searching for the One a breakthrough album.

1.The Spirit of Jazz Today (part I)
2.The Call
3.Double Standard
4.Twelve Tone Blue (inter)
5.Twelve Tone Blue
6.How Dare You
7.So You Say
9.After (intro)

Additional Details

Label: MAMA Records

Genre: Jazz

Run Time: 40 mins

Release Date: 07/01/12

UPC: 734956101527

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