Bad Nerves - Bad Nerves (LP)

$ 26.99


Release Date: 11/06/20

Debut from hot new garagerock punk band from East London

If you're not strong, you better be fast! At least, that's what the motto seems to be, for English garage-punk band Bad Nerves. These guys are an irresistible (molotov) cocktail of The Ramones, Radioactivity, The Clash, Libertines, The Strokes and Jay Reatard - played at 78 rpm.

They have already released a handful of great singles including 'Can't Be Mine' and the danceable 'Radio Punk': power pop with the impact of a burning baseball bat, wrapped in barbed wire.


Label: Suburban Records
Genre: Pop/Rock
Language: English
Run Time: 30:00 mins

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