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Bagman - Trax (CD)


Bagman - Trax (CD)

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Release Date: 01/01/01

This CD from Sheep on Drugs mad programmer Lee Fraser - aka BAGMAN - is 21st Century Bong Music! A mix of trip-hop, drum&bass, with ethnic spice twisted into his signature breakbeat jungle hallucinations. Definitely Sick and Wicked!<br />'It's rare that an album is as satisfying for chin-stroking listeners as it is for the dance floor...' - Digital Artifact<br />'...if gold groove is your penchant, this is the ticket.' - Industrial Nation<br />'rampant, apocalyptic, schizo-house drills' - Melody Maker<br />'...a musical roller coaster of intriguing twist and turns.' - Bite Me!

Genre: Alternative/Punk

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