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Battling Orioles (Silent) (DVD)


Battling Orioles (Silent) (DVD)

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Release Date: 04/29/14

In the late 1870s the 'Battling' Orioles were a tenacious pack of brawling he-men, hitting as many opponents and errant umpires as baseballs. Now in 1924, they are a pack of tired old men, sitting around in their exclusive New York club complaining about their various maladies. Barber Tommy Tucker, son of a deceased Oriole all-star, is summoned to the big city to try to cheer the team up. His first meeting with the Orioles goes terribly wrong, and after his cigar ash accidently sets the sports jackets of several of the old-timers ablaze, he is banished from the clubhouse forever. When Tommy's best gal is kidnapped by notorious gangsters, he charges off alone to free her. After the Orioles learn that Tommy is the son of one of their own, they speed straight for the gangster's lair, ready to jump into their greatest fight ever!<p>Originally a Ziegfeld Follies dancer, Blanche Mehaffey starred in several Hal Roach comedies in the 1920s alongside Charley Chase. After a brief hiatus from film work, she returned in the 1930s to headline B-westerns such as <i>The Outlaw Tamer</i> (1935) and <i>The Cowboy and the Bandit</i> (1935). Glenn Tryon is best known for <i>Lonesome</i> (1928) and the 1926 Laurel and Hardy shorts 'Along Came Auntie' and 'Forty-Five Minutes From Hollywood. '

Genre: Drama
Run Time: 56 mins

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