Bbc Singers - Purer Than Purest Pure: Choral Works Of Daniel Asia (CD)

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Daniel Asia, winner of the 2010 American Academy of Arts and Letters Award, has offered the world a beautiful collection of choral works! While listening to the flawless sound of the BBC singers, the listener will find themselves completely enveloped in his use of rich timbres, hauntingly beautiful harmonies and meaningful text. This collection breaks away from traditional choral music and invites the listener into a new, yet still accessible, realm of sound.

Every piece in this collection has a different emotion and image to offer. 'Why Jacob', a personal favorite, is a breathtakingly beautiful piece inspired by a late friend of Asia's. This piece is not set to a text, however Asia brilliantly plays on the words Jacob, Yaweh and Yaacov. Throughout the piece, the listener can visualize the choir's pure tones wrapping and weaving around the tender melody in the piano.

'...his music is essential and original and much appreciated presence in the choral universe...' -Fanfare

'...a sensuous approach to sound...' -New York Times

Additional Details

Label: Summit Records

Genre: Classical

Run Time: 40 mins

Release Date: 07/01/12

UPC: 099402550923

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