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Be A Magician (DVD)


Be A Magician (DVD)

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Release Date: 03/25/08

Magician ad master illusionist Martin Preston performs and then shows us in easy step-by-step details some amazing magic tricks that anyone can learn to do. Have you ever wondered how a magician can make a coin penetrate through a solid object and leave absolutely no hole' Have you ever been curious how objects can simply disappear into thin air' Have you ever seen a piece of rope cut in half and then magically restore itself' This DVD will allow you to stop wondering how magic works and teach you how to work magic! Fun and educational for audiences for all ages. The tricks you will learn on this DVD are: MIND OVER MATTER, CORDS OF FANTASIA, INVINCIBLE ROPE, ALADDIN'S CHEST, INVISIBLE HOLE, APPEARING COIN, MACDONALD'S SHEEP, SPONGE BALLS.

Genre: Instructional
Run Time: 50 mins

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