!!!! Beat, Vol.3, Shows 10-13 (DVD)

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Another DVD-album from the Bear Family Records - R&B & Soul DVD series - The !!!! Beat -

Once THE !!! BEAT was only a legend. Fans and collectors heard that there was a television show in the mid-1960sthat captured the absolute very best of the soul and R&B singers of the day. Some said it was made in Nashville andsome said that it was made in Dallas. Musicians remembered working on the show and a few people rememberedseeing it, but no one seemed to know what had happened to it. Did the tapes still exist? How many shows were there?Who exactly was on it?

Now, nearly forty years later Bear Family answers all the questions. All the episodes still exist! It really was a fabulousshow! It really was in color! It really did feature the absolute best of the soul and R&B acts of the day! And whereas oncejust fragments of the shows made their way onto bootlegs, now the entire series is available in first-generation quality. Ithas been a long time coming, but now THE !!! BEAT is back!

Soul music is bigger than ever now, just as the original practitioners are dying off or performing way past their prime. Revivalists like Joss Stone often only emphasize how great the originals were in their day, so here is a reminder of whatREAL soul music was like from the absolute original masters. There were 26 THE !!! BEAT shows, and many of the performances were live in the studio with a backup band led bythe terrific Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown. Here are just a few of the original soul and R&B stars captured in their prime:

Track Listing

    • Ferguson, Little Gary - SHOW #10:
    • Various - The !!!! Beat - Intro by Hoss Allen, incl. The Beat Theme
    • Various - The !!!! Beat - I Can't Get No Satisfaction
    • Church, Jimmy - Men Of War
    • Rouzan, Wanda - Boy From Ipanema
    • Rouzan, Wanda - Cleaver's Tune
    • Brown, Gatemouth - The Saturday Night Fish Fry
    • Jordan, Louis - My Half A Heart
    • Hodges, Charles - Oh Lady Be Good
    • Hodges, Charles - Soft Shoe
    • Brown, Gatemouth - My Girl
    • Howard, Frank & Commanders - Shout
    • Church, Jimmy - SHOW #11:
    • Various - The !!!! Beat - Jerkin' The Dog
    • Mighty Hannibal - I Love That
    • Ferguson, Little Gary - Bad Bad Boy
    • Fergurson, Little Gary - Jose
    • Brown, Gatemouth - I Had A Dream
    • Taylor, Johnny - Soldier Boy
    • Rouzan, Wanda - Come See About Me
    • Rouzan, Wanda - A Hard Day's Night
    • Beat Boys - In The Midnight Hour
    • Mighty Hannibal - Teen Beat
    • Brown, Gatemouth - SHOW #12:
    • Various - The !!!! Beat - And That Reminds Me Of You
    • Dolls - It's Getting Late In The Evening
    • Powell, Bobby - Do Something For Yourself
    • Powell, Bobby - When The Saints Go Marching In
    • Beat Boys - When She Touches Me
    • Martin, Rodge - Why
    • Dolls - Changes
    • Taylor, Johnny - Miles
    • Beat Boys - Respect
    • Martin, Rodge - Out Of Sight
    • Martin, Rodge - SHOW #13:
    • Various - The !!!! Beat - They Say
    • Martin, Rodge - Voice Your Choice
    • Maurice & The Radiants - Baby You Got It
    • Maurice & The Radiants - Jumpin' At The Woodside
    • Powell, Bobby - C.C. Rider
    • Powell, Bobby - Rome Wasn't Built In A Day
    • Taylor, Johnny - I Wonder Why
    • Poppies - Our Day Will Come
    • Beat Boys - One Two Three

    Additional Details

    Label: Bear Family Records

    Genre: R & B

    Run Time: 96 mins

    Release Date: 01/02/07

    UPC: 4000127201287

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