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Bebo More - El Barbaro Vive (CD)


Bebo More - El Barbaro Vive (CD)

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Release Date: 10/11/11

Benny More's son steps out on this 1997 album.

Here the son of the 'master of rhythm' (El Bárbaro del Ritmo) shows us what he is capable of, with a theme written by his father BENNY MORE, full of passion and feelings. He sings with the same power and sensitivity as 'el bárbaro' once did. This singer was educated in a family of outstanding musicians. Not only his father was a singer: his mother was too, and she released a number of successful CDs. Bebo has inherited the MORE family voice. The saying goes that BENNY MORE passed on to his son that GIFT which he had been given by God.

Label: PA TI PA MI
Genre: Latin
Run Time: 45 mins

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