Beyond Rembetika: the Music & Dance of the Region of Epiris (CD)

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Music from One of the Remote Corners of Europe

Years of canvassing, collecting and research have gone into this collection exploring early Greek and Balkan folk. It serves as a complement to JSP's selection of Rembetika music. The object is to provide a fuller, richer picture of the complex music and the excellent artists that thrived in this region and etched their performances onto 78 discs. Here are earliest known recordings of village musicians from the northernmost extremities of Greece, Epirus. The isolation of the area produced distinct instrumental styles and unique vocal arrangements that have rarely been heard outside of Greece or Albania. Their sound is simultaneously haunting and intense. Essential for those with an interest in Greek music in particular, or musical traditions in general.

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Label: JSP Records

Genre: World

Release Date: 05/21/13

UPC: 788065716622

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